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Trip from Vienna to Trieste

Trip to Trieste


Here we go again, yippee.............. I am off to Trieste in Italy, set off by 8am, down the A2 motorway, the bike is heavy but once on the move handles reasonably well and cruise at 120 k is not a problem, just after Graz I stop for fuel and a cup of coffee to warm up a little, I have the wrong gloves on and my fingers are close to freezing at the high altitudes. After 30 mins I am off again, there is little indication now of crossing the border to Italy, your speed is now only to 100k as you go into Italy, the views are fantastic, its over 50k to the next fuel stop, so if you are close to top up do it before you enter Italy. Now the temperature is increasing and I feel much better, the road is great until you get close to Udine, ( later in this blog we will go there) then the road becomes typically Roman, as straight as a die. Turn left to Trieste shortly after Udine, I am staying in Duino, its a small fishing Village about 20k North of Trieste, the toll for the road was 8 Euro. Duino becomes my base, its not bad, there are a couple of bars and restaurants there, it was nice just to relax and have a glass of wine sitting in the sun, there is an international school there,so there is a lot of young people from all over the world hanging around. The port is at the bottom of the cliff, during the summer months there is a ferry that takes you to Trieste, the Fish restaurant by the harbour is a little expensive, but the view while you are eating is great.

The castle on the left is supposed to be very nice, the entrance is in the heart of the village, I did not find time to visit it

So Trieste, parking is not easy, even with the bike, look at this foe example, the Italians love there scooters and bikes, but be wear the italian car driver has little regard for us two wheel sorts, I have seen a lot of bent bikes around, that look like cars pulling out on the bike. mind you some of the speeds they do would make Valentino Rossi wince.
Anyway on the brighter side here are some photo's of Trieste, the junk by the water is what some divers pulled out, get a close up of the table, in case you did not know if you click on the image it will come up larger


Vienna to Hollabrun

Vienna to Hollabrunn

Its a nice day so time for a short trip down some more of my great finds for the motorbike, mind you so far I have paid nearly 200 euro in fines for speeding, ahhhhhhh. but generally I am a good boy, one I still do not know were I got it, that was for 32k over the limit, I have been down that route loads of times and I can not find the camera, the second proved that I can accelerate from the traffic lights to 80k in the blink of an eye, well I did blink when that irritating flash went off.
Still don't cry over spilt milk eh!
So to-days trip takes me north on the A22 till I get to the turnoff Karneuburg West, there is a nice big castle on the hill there, I have yet to visit it soon, if I do i will put it on my website. then I take the Stockerau road then by the Honda bike shop turn right to
Unterrohrbach, go staight throug the village, some of it is a bit posh, I think those with money stay here.

you will come to a crossroads
it look a bit strange but go straight across and pass some farm houses, then off into the countryside heading towards Wiessen, at the moment the road in this village is all dug up as in a lot of the villages at the moment but the open roads are great, just be careful of tractors and some times they bring muck and grit onto the road, but its not that bad.
Go straight through Wiessen and we head towards Leitzersdorf, (Dorf is village, Brunn is town and Stadt is city, in genaral ) so when you arrive at the next village/Dorf you will come to a T junction, turn right through the village, there is a gastoff on the right in which I have seen bikers using, sitting outside having as drink, anyway not today. Just as you leave the village there is a right turn to make its just after the sign that tells you you have left the village, then you are on this lovely road with painted trees, keeping at 100k its fun, its only just wide enough for one car and a bike to pass, but you have great visibility so its fairly safe to have fun, we are now taking the signs for Großmugl, ( ß is ss in German eg. Groß is gross get it) Anyway watch out for the next T junction it creeps up on you fast, turn left

Then some nice sweepers to another junction, turn Right towards Roseldorf
You will see on the left strange buildings that go into the ground, these are cellars for the storage and making of wine, though most of them are not used these days. Straight through the village to Großmugl, you will be getting used to how similar all these villages are now, but I guess its the same in England certain areas have typical stiles and layouts. You will arrive at a bend that goes right, its a crossroad and you have to turn left, direction Hollabrunn, After a short time you will arrive at the village of Steinabrunn, which is a little different an I quite like it the way its nessled in the Dale, I took a shot in the village

So now we set off for Hollabrunn passing Füllersdorf

after this dip you go through some nice treelined twisties, great fun though visability round the bends is a bit restricted, its a popular place for walkers so watch out for the sparadic parked cars, and finaly we arrive in Hollabrunn for a coffee or food etc.
http://hollabru Check it out. Ta Ta for now

When I just fancy a ride out

Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday 3rd July, filled up with petrol and set out about 11o'clock, direction
St. Pölten. It is there I wanted to pick up the A road 20 direction Bruck. I have wanted to ride this road for a long time now, the weather is a little on the cool side for this time of year but that's ok. The Autobarn to St Pölten was uneventfull and I was there within the hour, traffic at first on the 20 was fairly heavy but after about 20k it thinned out. Then oh what a ride, the road lived up to expectations, the signs for motorcycles to go not too fast, meant I was in for a treat. As I rode of into the mountains I could not help the cheesy grin on my face, the senery was epic. Then I started to climb, 2 bikers I past were taking pics of each other coming round one of the great bends in the road, even when the road hairpinned it was swept well. Eventuallyly I got to the top and what a view.

But still the road climed and climed till I was in the clouds, watching them come of the trees like steam was fascinating, but back to concentrationon, some of these bends can catch you out if your not careful, I was averaging 80k per hour I reckon with a top speed no more than 120k, that give me time to see some of this great landscape, coming down into the valley was breathtaking, the road now twists more sharply and it is damp from the clouds, so its easy on everything for a drop of I guess 500M. At the bottom the road straighten and you can push it a bit more.

Now I come to serieses of small man made crystalal clear lakes, time for a rest, I could clearly see the trout swimming in the water. There was a small dam that syphend off the water to drive something, I could not work out what it was, but there was a nice bridge across it and I spent about 15 mins just watching the fishes and ducks, cools!!!

So refreashed of I go again, 200k has gone since my last fueling, I make it a point to fill every 200k, so I did, very friendly people these Austrians, bikes are more accepted here than England I think, but not having lived in the UK for over 10 years maybe things have changed. I soon catches up with a guy on a Triumph Sprint just after I had filled up, the road is a little more twisty and I am having trouble keeping up with him, so I start using the gears a little more, he is so smooth, I am wishing I was that good, but he is not loosing me, then Ha Ha he is also going towards his limit, I am not that bad after all, he waves me past and he follows me the rest of the way to Bruck, he went direction Graz and I turn towards Vienna on the Autobarn S6, its a fast road and some fast sweepers, when I get to Neunkirchen I turn off, on to the 17, from my last blog you Know the 17 is not that good, but lots of traffic lights and rounabouts, did some drag starts from the lights all the way to Vienna, will spend the night picking the bugs from my teeth, Yes a great day, the trip was about 370k and took about 5 and a half hours, there are pleanty of Ghast Houses and I think it would be good one day to take some walking boots and make a weekend of it


Vienna to Croatia

We head off on our holls, first stop is Klagenfurt, we take the A2 past Wiener Neustadt, then the S6 to Judenburg, were we stop for food an drink, its a really hot day and getting hotter, I wore my sunglasses on the bike, but going through the tunnels I was almost blind, later I pulled them down to the tip of my nose so I could see better. Judenburg is a nice little town in the mountains , sorry the photos got lost I took, they had beach football on while we were there, after refreshments and a cool down we set of to Klagenfurt down the 83, its a really nice road lots of seanry and curves, we arrived in Klagenfurt in the afternoon, and we booked into
the first hotel we found, The Palais Porcia.

It was like some old gentleman's club in London, it was supposed to be some sort of palace at on time

This is the lounge bar

this is the view from the window, good isn't it

After settling in we went for a walk around the centre, its a very nice town and well worth a visit, but I would not stay more than a weekend, there is a lake that boarders the town but we did not go there.

The centre is very much as it was many years ago, it seems to have escaped the wars of the past.
this is a quote from the blurb on their site,
"This Renaissance gem on Lake Wörthersee will not only meet your expectations during your holidays, but will also offer many pleasant surprises with its rich diversity of cultures and life-styles as both an animated and historic place to visit... "
anyway it was nice
20th July we pack up and set off for Portoroz Croatia, we took the 91 out of Klagenfurt to the border crossing high up in the mountains, the road is great and twists and turns, no problems going through to Slovinia, it is now in the EU and are very relaxed.We then head to Ljubljana.Time is good so we decided to stop and have a look round, it is anothere very nice city, here are some of the photo's


do you like my new hairstyle??????????????
or is it a tree growing out of my head!!!!!!!!!

  Any way as you can see its worth a visit, after a couple of cokes we set off again to Portoroz down the E70. At Koper we get our first sight of the sea. Just after Izola, the right hand pannion decided that its off on hols by itself and makes a leap for it only to end up in the bushes, silly bag, we dust it down and re-attach it to the bike. it was a good job we were not doing 120K as before, I guess all of Brigitte's clothes would have been stroone all across Slovenia????????,
We arrived about 3 in the afternoon and soon find a Hotel with a gret view of the sea.
The Adriatic nice.....................................

This is the harbour

Pic of the bike from the hotel room, the hotel was ok, normal seaside type, the plastic chairs on the balcony were not up to supporting me and the back gave way and I kicked the table and all the drinks went crashing to the ground, all rather a messy business

Next day, we set off early in the morning to try to avoid the heat, we headed direction south down the 111 to the border of Croatia, there was a big queue but the best thing about a bike you can jump the queues, so we were across in minutes, no problems with the boarder gaurds. Now in Croatia we headed for the motorway A6, well it is not a motorway that we would expect but just a normal road, but by Croatian standards its a motorway, now things start to fall apart, our well laid plan went to pieces, we arrived in Rijeka no problems, Brigitte points out the signpost for Split that's about 200k south of were we wanted to be, so it was logical to go this way, but oh no, after almost landing up in Zegrab we pulled off the motorway and went to a small village called Delnice, stopped for a coke and a read of the maps. We should have headed down the coast road but we are now traveling inland. I will tell you now, if Michelin maps do not coulor the road don't go on it unless you have a off road bike or a 4by4. Tempers are at an all time high now, anyway after seeing some of the wonderfulll country side we were glad to get back on the A1 which took us to Senj, this brought us back to the coast road to Rab, you remember I like to top up with fuel every 200k, well from Senj to rab I could not find one filling station, the speedo K read 258, and at the turning for the ferry to Rab was the only filling station, phew it was hot, Lift the visor up and the wind dry's your eyeballs instantly. We head down the steep road to Jablanac, cars are parked up for about 3 kilometers for the ferry, but its a one way system, one road down and one up, so if you do not want to catch the ferry you can go down to the town, so that was our plan, but when we arrived at the front of the queue, a ferry arrived, so on we got, what a shame, he he he ,

While we were loading Brigitte managed to get a beer and water from a local shop to help us through the 15 mins sail, nice touch. (Croatia has a zero tolarance for drinking and driving, so I just drank the water, it was a strange golden coulor and fizzy, and in a can , strange that don't you think)

Hey its 35deg in the shade, full motorbike gear on what do you expect

The ferry did not take long, the island looks like some baron moonscape, but when you get to the east side it greens up a bit.

We found our Hotel in about 15 mins, it was sign posted very well
thats it in the distance, we were promised a sea view room but it was not one of those you see at the front but on the 2nd floor on the side to the right, I felt like complaining, but it was a long day and I needed to calm down, so I rested on it till the next day, then we saw that in fact it was the best place to be away from the nose and to be fair you had a good view.

So off for the explore, Rab is 15 mins walk or 5mins in the boat at a cost of about 1 euro each
ok Here are the fotos

So here I am,

Rab very old, very old, ect, lots of old stuff, know what I mean

So 10 days of just bieng lazy and we are back off, toured the island on the bike took just one hour, so parked her for the whole holiday.
So conclusions, if you like sunbathing, swimming, doing nothing, its great, hey we relaxed!!!!!

so now we are off via the ferry from Lopar to the island ok Krk, the trip takes about an hour, sails by some of the islands, very nice

As it turened out this was a far better way to go than we had came, Krk was very nice, off to Rjeka, where we went round in circles but eventually found the right road and headed to Rupa the border crossing, we were through in minutes and direction Ljubljana.It is now raining and I have to take it a bit easy, the road is very twisty untill we get to near Postonjna, then it was motorway untill we stopped in Maribor. We are now soaking wet, I needed food so we find a restaurant down town and in we go, they did not even flinch at the state of us and we had a great meal.

We had intended to stay the night here, but the weather was crap, so we went home, all motorway to Vienna, we were diverted on to the 54 for a while due to an accident but it was too slippy to have fun.
more pics of Maribor Slovinia

So stay tuned for the next adveture of One Mad Man And His Bike

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