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Posted by Andy on June 11, 2012 at 4:05 AM



Early Saturday morning the ninth of June, the alarm in my mobile wakes me up to a cloudy day, I get up 06:15, this is not normally my time of day, as I put on the kettle and look at the temperature on the window thermometer, 13 deg C, I must be mad to have got out off a lovely warm bed at this unearthly time of day. The reason is that I have been invited by the mechanic who put my bike through its yearly inspection to go for a ride outwith the Rusty Beards Bikers.

All I know is I am to meet in a carpark by 07:30 in McDonald's in Simmering, the forecast is not good, rain rain and a bit more rain, still its dry at the moment, cup of tea and get dressed, put some warm stuff in the top-box and switch on the tom tom, on the way I top up the fuel, arrive about 07:20, I am not a McDonald’s fan, and after drinking half the coffee and throwing away the rest I am still of the same mind, out side I see 2 Bikers, I do not know them from Adam, so in my Best Deuschlish, I ask if they are part of the Rusty Bikers, I am immediately welcomed and ordered to sit, bit embarrassing as we both have Identical motorbikejackets on, but we soon put that behind us by telling each other how really good the jackets were in the wet.

Thomas (mechanic who invited me) arrives and by now there are 13 of us and he gets thing into swing and then by 8 we all set off, being new to this I opt to stay at the very back, that way I can gauge the tone of the riding, unfortunatelyafter only 15 mins, the BMW in front of me does not seam to makepower and he is slowly dropping of the pack, there is a tail gunner behind us and as I pass the BMW I see the tail rider go up front and tell Thomas who led throughout the day of the problem and he drops back to assist the poor guy, we do not see the tail rider until later when after riding from Alland to Baden a road I know well. We are now 15 as we pick up 3 more riders and we head off into the mountains, all in all we ride up to 18:00 including Fag breaks and for dinner, then we split up and return to our homes, I paired up with  Slartibartfast for the final dash through the rain to Tabourstrasse. It was not the best weather and I felt the back let go a few times but my bike coped well and keeping it smooth and a little gentle it still was a day to grin about.

First fag break at a Penny


Lunch at Kirkberg am WechselGastof-Pension St. Wolfgang




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